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Dress Codes: Revealing the Jewish Wardrobe

March 11, 2014-March 7, 2015
Location: Bella and Harry Wexner Gallery
Curator: Efrat Asaf Shapira
Media: garments
From India to Tunis, New York to Baghdad: dresses, suits, wedding outfits, 
undergarments, and children’s clothing. A spectacular range of 19th to 20th  
century Jewish garments from around the world, offering a multi-cultural view of 
dress, its significance, and its influences on the styles of today.

Woman’s Coat with a richly decorated lining 
Bukhara, Uzbekistan, late 19th century 
Brocaded silk, lining: silk and cotton, ikat-dyed 

Wedding dress 
Iraq, Baghdad, 1880s 
Brocaded silk, silk ribbons, tinsel embroidery, hand sewn; 
Gift of Mazli F. Iny, New York, in memory of her mother Mas`uda Mathalon

Wedding Dress 
Edirne, Turkey, early 20th century 
Velvet, gilt metal threads embroidery 
Gift of Evelyne Mayorkas Hertzig, Dinah Mayorkas Pichot, Jacques Mayorkas, France, Alberte Mayorkas Wadler, New York, in memory of their mother Colombe Papo.






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